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20-04-2019 02:00 USA 1-Major League Soccer

Total Goals F.T

  • Toronto FC
  • VS

  • Minnesota United
Kostiantyn Lavrenov (Junior Tipsters)
20-04-2019 02:15 Ecuador 1-Serie A

Asian Handicap F.T

  • Olmedo
  • VS

  • Deportivo Cuenca
Kostiantyn Lavrenov (Junior Tipsters)
20-04-2019 14:00 Germany 3-3. Liga

Asian Handicap F.T

  • Hallescher FC
  • VS

  • 1860 Muenchen
Kostiantyn Lavrenov (Junior Tipsters)
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Betting Guide / Betting 101 / Soccer Betting

These Are The Only Things That Matter in Soccer Betting

April 13,2019 by Sophie

Soccer betting is not about luck, is about how much you understand and effort you put into it. Here we share to you few this that really matter to help win your next bet.

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The Missing Links For Liverpool To Going Back To Winning Ways

April 06,2019 by Asher K

Can Liverpool actually win a trophy and go back to their winning ways? It seems they have filled in the missing links..

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Free Soccer Bets Causing You To Lose More

March 23,2019 by Sophie

Bookies are also in business, and their free soccer bets or bonuses could be just a demo with little monetary value.

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How to make the most of PPG statistics

March 17,2019 by Bruce Williams

PPG is the number of points gained divided by the number of games played. It is an average throughout the season. Read how to make most of these statistic in betting.

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