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SoccerTipsters is a leading soccer tipping service. The platform was one of the first tipping services established all the way back in 2010 when the tipping industry was still in its nascent stages on the web. While the platform started out by providing punters with the best soccer tips for free. Ever since, the platform has grown exponentially, and we’ve catered to servicing our customer’s needs. This means that we’ve started to provide additional services and value-added services that make a tipster’s and bettor’s job easier over the years. While the platform has grown into something more than initially anticipated, it still provides it’s customers with free soccer tips and paid professional tips from some leading soccer tipsters across the globe. From the time we’ve been around, we’ve seen several other platforms seek to provide customers with free soccer tips. While several service providers do provide several free tips and a few paid tips, the quality, and consistency of these tips aren’t up to par. And a small difference of a few percent in a tipster’s hit rate can be the difference between consistent profits and trying to break even or dealing with losses.

A punter has access to a tipster’s track record so they can select a soccer tipster based on their past information and suits their preference. By recording and providing users with a tipster’s past performances, we ensure users always have access to high-quality tips. This also enables us to quickly and thoroughly verify tipsters and their tips, making us a leading soccer tips verification authority. It’s easy for a platform or website to make a claim, but it’s hard to prove the same claim when it comes to professional tipping. This is because tipsters that do put out their information and statistics tend to be inconsistent in their results, and it’s unreasonable to expect several tipsters from the same platform to all perform well at the same time.

Punters and bettors have little to no way of verifying how accurate the tips available are. Other platforms can also record and publish information relating to past bets and the performance and consistency of their tipsters but don’t do so for the benefit of their customers. In some cases, it’s not possible to verify, and in others, platforms may not have the right infrastructure to verify and publish a tipster’s performance. To bridge the gap, SoccerTipsters verifies tips and creates a safe marketplace for bought and sold tips. Before any tips can be listed on the platform, the tips and tipsters go through a vetting process that uses database matching, record keeping, and tabulating data so that punters know they can make the best soccer bets today. By matching our existing data and keeping a record of the same, it’s easy to differentiate authentic and genuine tips from scammers.

Tipsters who’d like to be part of this growing journey have the opportunity of signing up with SoccerTipsters and every tipster - new or old has a vetting process that’s in place to ensure that the platform gives customers reliable and vetted tips. Tipsters who signed up with us get access to a tipster panel interface that records predictions and past results. By accrediting tipsters, customers and punters can have faith in a reliable system when it comes to winning bets. Tipsters provide information and tips on matches from across the globe, and punters from across the world are looking for information from different leagues. So while several tipsters provide tips across the globe, SoccerTipsters helps filter through the legitimate and genuine ones and helps connect punters with the right tips. An individual in the UK looking for a tip in the Indian Super League may not find it unless he’s looking for the right provider.

SoccerTipsters help eliminate that barrier by providing legitimate tips for top games and leagues and games and tournaments in remote locations with limited opportunities. It’s in the latter that you more often than not find value. Bettors across the globe can bet on the Champions League, the FA Cup, The Bundesliga, La Liga, The EPL, CSL, ASL, etc. With a clean and easy to use interface, customers, bettors and tipsters have an immersive experience, navigate various options quickly, and make bets on the latest available tips, odds, and information.

Through verification and transparency, punters have access to record tables of punters in the same way leagues have for teams or companies may have for employees, making their service offering more transparent and more enticing thus, providing value to each customer, in areas of specialized markets, preferences, and services.